Will you ever remain unquestioned about Tibet?

Will you ever remain unquestioned about Tibet?

By Yeshi Dawa

“If you are feeling shy to speak Tibetan, it’s fine.
If you are also feeling shy to wear Tibetan custom cloths, it’s fine.
But how would you manage your blood and bones that have been inherited from your ancestors.” – 10th Panchen Lama

Historical epochs of Tibet have been imperative for us to remain in unison. Our rich cultural and traditions have brought us well recognized identity throughout the world. A peaceful and serenity of landscapes are the source of natural remedies for the conditional diseases. No one would be much happier than us for having such distinguishable and distinctive entities. A question arises that can we really sustain these entities to our posterities. Will they be in position to indulge in this cultural conduciveness and harmonious understanding? Thus, you have to introspect yourself by asking subsequent questions. Will you ever remain unquestioned about Tibet? Aren’t you responsible for your country? Am I too interrogative about these questions? No, I think because I am responsible for it. At last, I would inhale my last breath with no repentance. I am going to use my all bones for the cause of Tibet. Every citizen has four bones.
Wish bone: He/she has the wish but does nothing except uttering, I wish I could.
Knuckle bone: He/she knocks everything down regardless of how good it is.
Jaw bone: They are talker, not doer.
Back bone: He/she makes things happen.
Thus, a good citizen is someone who uses his wishbone for a vision; knuckle bone for hard-work; jaw bone to persuade others and create a team and a backbone that demonstrates courage to implement his vision. Will you like to have all these bones or remain apart? I am not critical about others’ behaviors nor am I bigotry of their personal lives.
I have a hidden responsibility to manifest it in terms of reflective actions that can be concrete as well as coherent. I have asked myself that I am not going to remain unquestioned about Tibet because I am on way to untie the shackles of miserable lives we have now in Tibet and outside. I am, somehow, very optimistic for the challenge we have now. It is clear that an individual can’t envision the dreams of whole Tibetan but cooperation amongst us can lead to the fulfillment of our dreams. Thus, your involvement and presence in this struggle is indispensable.
I am not going against your stand because I know you are nationalistic. No Tibetan would be unpatriotic except few puppets of Chinese propaganda policy. Am I going against their sentiment? I don’t think so. They (puppets of China) are helpless because they could not use their ethical discernment and conscientious ability. To synopsize their action, we can easily say that they are deceived by physical comforts through China’s support. They have a façade of being Tibet though they never want to be with us. I am interfering this matter because it is basically rooted with our struggle. An individual has right to follow any deity but doesn’t have right to harm a society that has existed harmoniously.
I have, thus far, deliberated about the efforts and service towards our goal. I am very proud to claim that I would try to envision my efforts through spreading these matters. I would keep on writing any pertinent information that would encompass our vision.

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