Research Committee

Introduction of Tibetan Students’ Research Committee

Tibetan College Students’ conference was first set up in 26th December 2006, based on Mr Dorjee Tseten’s (who was then a participant of the TPPRC workshop) suggestion in Mangalore. Till now it has been held nine times. As per the consensus of the participants of the 9th conference, the Tibetan College Students’ Research Committee has been formed with six elected members in it.

Aims and Responsibilities of Tibetan College Students’ Research Committee

  1. To submit the agreements of the conference to Central Tibetan Administration.  Tibetan Children’s Village and Department Of Education.
  2. To the website and Facebook page of the conference updated.
  3. The topic of each conference shall be decided by organizing team through this committee.
  4. At least two members of the committee should participate in each conference.
  5. The expenditures of conference should be analyzed by the committee.
  6. Should any student face any problem anywhere, the committee shall report to the respective offices or departments.
  7. The documents of conference shall be kept with the committee and the copies of document shall be passed to the chief coordinator.
  8. Tibetan College Students’ once day, one time activity shall be supervised and sustained by the committee.

The above mentioned aims and responsibilities are drafted by the consensus of the 9th conference participants and thus, should be respected and abided by. However, if need be, necessary changes can be made.