Every year the organizing committee of the Tibetan College Students’ Conference used to organize an essay writing competition among the Tibetan college students in India, Bhutan and Nepal.

This year we the organizing committee of the 12th Tibetan College Students Conference invite all the college going Tibetan students in India, Bhutan and Nepal to partake in the annual essay competition in Tibetan & English on four topics.


1. In what way should the Tibetan youth conserve their language.

2. The state of exile Tibetan schools in the past, present and future.

3. The cause and condition behind why there are so few Tibetans among college graduates who emerge with both knowledge and capability.

4. Reasons why there has been a decrease in the sense of responsibility and patriotism among the Tibetan youth and how to improve it.

Participants are requested to send their work to this email before the deadline.


1. Essay must have good argument and reasoning, must be properly researched with reference.

2. Font size must be 14.

3. Minimum 7 pages; at maximum it must not exceed 10 pages.

4. Essay must be submitted between 24th November 2017 to 15th January 2018, any submission beyond the set date will not be accepted.

5. Include your contact information along with your essay

Order of prize:

1st prize 7000 rupees

2nd prize 5000 rupees

3rd prize 4000 rupees

4th prize 3000 rupees

5th prize 2000 rupees

Note: the best essays will be published in our magazine and top 7 will get certificates too.

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