History of Tibetan College Students’ Conference.

The birth of TCSC began with a suggestion of a participant in a workshop organized by TPPRC (Tibetan Parliament and Policy Research Centre). Mr. Dorjee Tseten, a participant of the workshop, explained the importance of Tibetan College Students’ Conference during a workshop organized by the Central Tibetan Administration and Research Centre in June 23rd, 2006. His proposal won a huge support from the workshop participants and six months later, Mr. Tsewang Rigzin organized the very first Tibetan College Students’ Conference on 26th December, 2006 in ‘Mangalore.

1 Mangalore 11 70 26-29/Dec./2006
2 CHTS Sarah 16 50 30/12/2007-1/1/2008
3 CUTS Varanasi 23 80 13-16/ Feb/2009
4 Chennai
5 CHTS Sarah
6 Bangalore
7 Delhi 31 105 26-29/Dec/2012
8 Vadodara 12 40
9 DIHS(Bangalore) 22 92 9-14/ Feb/ 2015


Election and Responsibilities of the chief coordinator

On 20th December, 2006, at the first conference in Mangalore, one chief coordinator has been appointed according to the suggestion of participants. Since then, that system has been followed for the years. On the last day of the conference, the participants from different universities shall vote for the chief coordinator. The chief coordinator has the right to take the final decision on the agreements passed by the participants of the conference.

The preparation and the program of the conference should follow the chief coordinator’s plan rather than the organizers’.

The chief coordinator of the next venue should be one of the participants and elected by the participants of conference he is attending.

Election and Responsibilities of the Conference Organizers

The conference organizers should be responsible in making things run according to the plan and managing the needs of the participants. And their names should be mentioned in respective documents as organizers.

The organizers should frame the conference plan and submit it to the chief coordinator before executing it.

The travel expenditure of the participants shall be reimbursed up to 75% by the organizers.

The expenditures of conference should be managed by the organizers.

Determination of the location of conference

On the last day of the conference, the participants will decide the next venue of the conference through voting system but the current organizers and chief coordinator excluded in the nomination.

Funds for the Conference

The funds of the conference are collected by organizing committee from the different settlements through donations or any other fund raising events. It should not be aided by other associations and organizations.

On the last day of the conference, transactions of money should be announced to all the participants in detail by the official accountant from the organizing committee.

The expenditure for the conference should be calculated before the conference and if it is exceeds the planned expense; the organizers should manage it in any way possible.


Determination of the number of participants

The number of the participants should be decided by the organizers on the basis of the strength of Tibetan student in a region and on the distance from the venue of the conference.