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RTYc Chandigarh was founded on Dec 21, 1974 in Chandigarh, India. The organisation was founded by young Tibetan ongoing college Students. The main headquarter of RTYc Chandigarh is in Dharamsala known as TYC (Tibetan Youth Congress).

Aims and Objectives:-

  1. It advocates the independence from China of Tibet.
  2. To Preserve the rich culture and traditions of Tibet.
  3. To Strengthen the power of unity among young Tibetans.
  4. To Provide a stage to the young youth in regards of Educational background.
  5. To Promote a service to the people with the aim of alleviating social, cultural and educational problems in the exile Community.


Membership in the RTYc Chandigarh is open to any Tibetan ongoing college Student. As soon as the admissions are being done, the existing students and the Freshers are being provided with the membership Form which includes the memorandum of One year membership in RTYc Chandigarh.

Elections of Executives:-

Each year, During the Freshers Day event the elections of Executives are being held. The nominations of executives are being taken out and the voting system will be counted. It is an democratical way of election where people with higher votes will become an Executives of the Year. The total number of executive is 12 where 8 boys and 4 girls are being elected.

RTYc Activities:-

The RTYc Chandigarh observes a several annual events including the anniversary of its founding, Human Rights day, Freshers Day, Graduation Day, the anniversary of what they consider to be the key events in Tibetan Political history and as number of Buddhist and Traditional holidays. On above this one of the most important event of the year is “Mega Show”.

Economic Collection:-

Each Year, RTYc Chandigarh hold a Mega show event during the spring Holiday gap between Oct to Nov. The main Objective of doing a Mega Show is to collect a certain amount of Fund where the Collections of Fund are being invested in the future events of RTYc Chandigarh. The students are being provided a stage on which he/she can show their talents and skills.

Further, On the latest note in 2014 RTYc Chandigarh hold a Fund Raising Campaign i.e Mega Show in Four different places i.e Dharamsala, Chauntra, Dheradun and Delhi.

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