Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University

Our seniors have already opined a genuine idea for establishing an association within this university but remained in vain for few years due to the shortage of students. Their ideas have cropped up this conducive environment where we can voluntarily establish an association with 23 students who came from different schools. This association does not bear any political ideology that might cause some kind of sentiments to other students while they are studying. The sole purpose of this association is to facilitate our works towards forthcoming students who are unaware of this prestigious university. On the other hand, we would be in a better position to maintain our own conducive environment of cultural aspects, traditional values and moral behaviors if we stay under an umbrella. Thus, we have formally proclaimed to transform our vision into reality i.e. to bring this association in a pragmatic way. Our consensus agreement has given a birth to this association called ‘Banaras Tibetan Students’ Association’ on 10thOctober 2014 while we were observing ‘Fresher’s’ Party’.  We were highly pleased to have a benign presence of Mr. RajenLakra( Research Scholar)  as a guest of the day. His words have been the hallmark of that day; the way he presented his support to our association and his gift of respect.  In spite of having tight schedule, we always manage to materialize our visions and hopes. Thus, that day became the inaugural day or founding day of association.

Aims and objectives:

  1. To maintain a sense of unwavering bond of unity among Tibetan students to achieve a common goal.
  2. ate Tibetan Cultural values and identities to other students.
  3. To create awareness about admission system in all India in general and Banaras Hindu University in particular.

Our projects:

  1. Our main project pertains to publishing a magazine that includes an article from each member who has to research on that article thoroughly throughout the year. So, it would serve the real purpose of magazine. 
  2. An adage says, “Health is wealth’. Our association has produced a football team called ‘Banaras Tibetan Football Club’ who has had a well reputation so far. Through this game, we are doing our level best to inculcate others about our identities as well as our moral values. We will be planning to produce more opportunities for us to let them recognize who we are.
  3. We will be optimizing all possible means like social networking sites to create awareness about admission system in all India in general and Banaras Hindu University in particular to the Tibetan students who are deprived of information. We are also planning to visit Tibetan schools to talk about different topics regarding career, college admission and preparation for board examination.


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