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Logo of Tibetan College Students’ Conference

The symbol of the Snow Lion holding Jewel which is taken from the national flag of Tibet signifies:-

  • We are the inheritors of Tibet and thus feel proud to be the people of Tibet. We pay our highest regard and have strong faith towards thegovernment, constitution and the leader of Tibet with the intense feeling of nostalgia and respect to its culture and tradition.

Two Snow lions

The snow lion is a unique animal of Tibet. It has special features which are not found in any other animals. The two snow lions represent the full bloom of youthfulness of two genders of Tibetan youth.The Tibetan youth possess five unique attributes viz. good moral conduct which has been inherited from their forefathers, respect, love and compassion, altruistic attitude, and resolute determination and the sense of concern towards others.

Standing face to face

The two snow lions standing face to face represent that the genders of Tibetan youth mutually share conviction and live together with firm belief.

Expression of Joy

The two lions filled with joy symbolizes that Tibetan youth do not come under the influence in the name of provinces, religious sects, regions, society and so forth and rather enjoys freedom of thought, speech and action.

Marching forward

The two lions marching forward symbolize that the Tibetan youth are aware of their own identity, and voluntarily shoulder the responsibility for the bright future and progress of their country and thus march forward. Whenever the country needs the students, we have firm conviction to march forward.

The flaming of Jewels

It symbolizes that our country, people, culture and tradition are like precious jewels. We the youth have invinciblewill and determinations like that of burning flame for the preservation and protection of culture and tradition from degradation and restoring that are diminished for the future development.

Holding the Globe

The globe held by two lions symbolizes phenomenal reality that it is a big family of all sentient beings and whatever we experience whether happiness or suffering in this globe, all the family members share equally and experience collectively. Every sentient being in this world wants happiness and no one wants suffering. In order to achieve one’s own happiness, at first one has to protect this family from danger and find a ground where peace can prevail.

To fulfil that, we need basic concepts such as an understanding of oneness among all family members, faith based on mutual dependent and respect for each other, which will help to curb the war and violence thus all are able to live in peace and harmony. So, to protect this globe from destruction, we the Tibetan youth voluntarily and unanimously uphold the Universal responsibility.